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WARMER HOMESTAY is devoted to providing full-service educational placements and homestays for international students who wish to study abroad in the United States. The Homestay division provides homestay services for international students coming to the United States. In our pursuit to offer our students an ideal learning environment and the best homestay experience, we are continually seeking out quality host families to provide a stable, friendly, and accommodating home.

As a Warmer host family, you will feel fully supported and equipped to host your student, with detailed orientations, training, regular communication with Warmer Local staff, and 24/7 support. We hope that the experience of hosting will be just as enriching and fulfilling for you as it is for our students.

Warmer believes the homestay experience is rewarding for both the host and the international student. We are sure that you will find the experience rewarding!

Become a Host

Have you ever thought about being a Homestay host? Great! We’re always looking for new hosts to add to our ever-growing network. Why become a host? Because there are so many benefits…


As a Host Family, you will be compensated with a monthly stipend. It should cover all of the associated costs for hosting an international student.


In many of our cases, Host families and students develop meaningful relationships that often last long even after the student has left.


As a host, you will provide your student with a direct link to American culture and experience to create an unparalleled education. Warmer believes Homestays can be as positive for you as for the student. Welcome the student into your home as part of your family. Not only will you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures, but you will also develop a life-long friendship.


Warmer serves as an advocate for both you and the student. If any issues arise between a member of the household and the student, please contact the Local Coordinator as soon as possible. Cultural differences can make communicating with students more challenging, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Our Process

What’s the process of becoming a host family with Warmer?

1. Application

2. In-Home Interview

3. In-Depth Background Check

4. Agreement

5. Matching and Placement

6. Pre-Arrival Communication with Student

7. Orientation

8. Post-Arrival Support and Check-In


The majority of our international students can communicate in English. During the student's study journey at the school, Warmer and the School offers academic and ESL support to smoothen their transition into American culture.
The basic responsibilities are to provide a safe and loving home, a bedroom, meals, and transportation to and from school/ school bus stop and activities. We encourage you to treat your student as you would your own child.

A Warmer homestay should include the followings:

  1. A fully furnished, clean and comfortable bedroom, with quite study or workspace, in the home of a friendly and attentive host;
  2. Linens, towels, bathing and eating areas;
  3. Self-serve continental breakfast (for example: juice, cereal, toast, coffee/tea);
  4. Prepared dinner eaten with and prepared by at least one member of the Host family;
  5. Lunch and dinner available on the weekend;
  6. Internet Access;
  7. Interactions with the Host Family to learn about U.S. culture;
  8. Laundry facilities, television and all utilities;
  9. Access to public transportation within walking distance (bus or subway).
Once you are selected to become a Host Family, Warmer will pay you via direct deposit in accordance with the Warmer Family Payroll Schedule. You will be receiving monthly stipend to cover the international student’s living costs. All Host Families who receive payment from Warmer for hosting services will receive a 1099 form for each calendar year. Host families are responsible for reporting this income on their tax returns.
Our goal is to have one International Student per Host Family. However, depending on your family circumstances, it may be possible to host two International Students in your home.
Warmer prepares Host Families by providing an in-depth summer training program prior to the International Student’s arrival, ongoing cultural training, and regular Webinars. As a result, our Host Families are fully informed and ready to welcome their International Students.
When a homestay student says he/she is too ill to attend school, the host will decide whether or not the illness requires a doctor’s care. The host should then email or call the school’s Attendance office and inform them of the student’s condition and what general steps are being taken to address the student’s illness.
Absolutely! We are appreciative of any recommendation to our Host Family Community.
We asked every homestay applicant to send us an application and student profile with picture. Our homestay coordinator will share the basic information of our homestay student with the potential homestay families.
All adults living in your home who are over the age of 18 and not in high school must complete a background check.
Absolutely! This would be an ideal situation for both host families and our international students. We hope that you develop a strong bond with your student and choose to continue your host family arrangement throughout their high school years.
Complete our Host Family applications form. Emailing our homestay coordinator at We look forward to welcoming you into our Host Family Community.
Yes. All Warmer international programs receive health insurance. The health insurance card will be distributed to students upon arrival.
Remember – culture shock is a normal reaction to the stress and confusion of trying to adapt to a foreign culture. If you are noticing serious changes in your student, such as depression or other apparent psychological problems, contact our local coordinator immediately.

Join our International Family!

Hosting a student is a challenging but rewarding experience. We are committed to assisting you throughout the entire journey and will do our best to satisfy your needs as a host family.
As thousands of families before you have had a wonderful experience hosting international students, we are sure this opportunity will afford you and your family a lifetime of memories!